Volvo EX90 Pure Electric SUV Announces Production Delay

The outside world is looking forward to the Swedish car brand Volvo’s first pure electric large SUV, especially after the release of the EX90 at the end of 2022.

Many car fans are very interested in Volvo’s combination of Nordic minimalist design and super high safety as the brand’s selling point.

It is very interesting to combine it with a high-performance electric drive system, but unfortunately there has been bad news recently.

When Volvo announced the EX90 last year, it originally said that this large pure electric SUV would appear in showrooms and go on sale in early 2024.

A few days ago, Volvo announced that the production of the EX90 needs to be postponed until the first half of 2024. The statement explained that the factory needs to spend more time on software development and testing, so it cannot start production at the end of 2023 as scheduled.

Volvo’s share price fell 5% after the news was announced, and to the disappointment of car fans, a Volvo spokesman did not disclose when the EX90 will be launched after the production delay.


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