Unlike Rumors, The “Sideload” Feature Is Still Absent On iOS 17

At the end of last year, a report from Bloomberg said that the iPhone could be capable of sideloading apps by 2023. This would change iOS forever if that happens.

However, we are now through WWDC 2023 and have already seen the first beta for iOS 17. Unfortunately, it looks like there was no sideload feature mentioned at the event and iOS 17 doesn’t have one for now. such ability.

It is unlikely that Apple will introduce sideloading with future iOS 17 betas. It’s also unlikely that Apple will quietly make such a big change in the way iOS works outside of WWDC. In other words, sideloading on iPhones will almost certainly not be available in 2023.

Of course, Apple launching this feature is a certainty. Thanks to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, Apple really has no choice, at least when it comes to Europe.

It’s likely Apple will only apply to specific countries where it’s legally required to do so, but that seems too messy for Apple.

Then the question is when. It seems that those who want iPhone sideload will have to wait until 2024 and the launch of iOS 18. While Apple may surprise us and release it before that time, we hope to see it announced at WWDC 2024.

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