This Concept Shows How Beautiful And Smooth Windows 12 Will Be When It Launches Next Year

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that their next major Windows version will be called Windows 12, but multiple leaks have confirmed that Microsoft is working on a major update to its operating system.

Although everyone is waiting for official information about Windows 12, fans and enthusiasts have worked hard to design what they hope to see in Microsoft’s next operating system.

Designer and YouTuber Addy Visual recently shared a video of a Windows 12 concept. It includes some of the features people have been asking for and some new ideas.

To start, the video shows a new concept for the Start Menu that combines elements from Windows 11 and Windows 10 together. The overall aesthetic is similar to Windows 11 but the functionality is more like Windows 10, such as the All programs list option appearing more prominent. Widgets that are also in the Start Menu are also included in this concept.

The Taskbar gets a lot of love in the video, including the “dynamic” elements that display information and notifications as well as the option to click on a part of the Taskbar to open the widget. One feature throughout the video is selection.

Many people complain about Microsoft removing options when moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Contrary to what Microsoft did, Addy Visuals’ video shows options to have a separate Taskbar or a Taskbar. can span the entire screen.

App pools are also back in action, which should be a welcome return for many who used the feature on Windows 10. The same functionality is available on smartphones and tablets as well.

Of course, this is just a concept video. Designing an operating system with moving parts takes a lot of work and code. Microsoft can’t just drag and drop the elements they want to change and make them work smoothly.

In addition, the company must consider usability, backward compatibility and a number of other factors when creating a new operating system.

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