The Suspected New Switch Release Date Is Not Far Away As Nintendo Updates The Developer Website SDK

Recently, there is the latest news about the new Switch. The leaker NWPlayer123 said that Nintendo recently updated the developer website, including support for the follow-up products of Switch, involving the software development kit (SDK) related to “NX 2”, and updating the installation/download tools on the web page. It is not far from the day when Nintendo announces the next generation of Switch.

Earlier, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa pointed out that Nintendo plans to transfer data from existing Switch users to the next-generation Switch in the form of a Nintendo Account, saying that it hopes to make it easier for users to use.

He also said that Nintendo has been considering future hardware specifications, but did not share any specific details.

Furukawa Shuntaro said that in the past, hardware was the only way for the company to contact customers. When there is a new generation of game consoles, game companies have to rebuild relationships with customers.

However, Nintendo can directly contact Switch customers through Nintendo Account. He also said that there are many forms of software sales for Nintendo Switch, including the purchase of physical game SD cards, downloadable software and pure downloadable software, and many customers are playing downloadable software and pure downloadable software. So the proportion of digital sales is increasing compared to previous consoles.

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