Stray; An Adventure Cat Game Is Finally Coming To Mac

The cat adventure game “Stray” has been very popular since its launch. In addition to the original Windows and PS4/PS5 platforms, it has recently been announced that it will land on MacOS, so that Mac users can directly play classic works.

Developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive announced that they will port “Stray” to the MacOS platform, but only Apple Silicon models support it, and Intel processor Macs still cannot play. They have yet to announce an actual launch date, pending further announcement at a later date.

MacOS has always been accused of insufficient game selection, but recently some popular works have been ported to MacOS, such as “No Man’s Sky” is one of them, with the help of Apple Silicon and MetalFX to provide higher performance, it should be available on new Mac computers Good performance, the next step is to see how Mac users react, and whether the sales of the Mac version can attract developers to continue to invest resources in porting.


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