Scientists Develops New Artificial Skin That Senses And Heals Itself When Sustain Injury

Stanford University researchers have developed an ultra-realistic self-healing material that can be used to make artificial skin for robots, allowing robots to have a half-mechanical half-machine similar to the “Terminator” movie. The appearance and function of organisms.

The material not only senses changes in surrounding temperature, pressure, and electrical current, but also self-aligns and heals itself after damage, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the skin.

Researchers say they have achieved, for the first time, a technique for self-aligning multilayer thin-film sensors during a self-healing process, a key step in mimicking human skin.

Human skin has multiple layers, each of which reforms properly during the healing process. This technology can give robots a more human-like look and feel, and improve the efficiency and affinity of communicating with humans.

To make the artificial skin, the researchers developed silicone and polypropylene glycol materials that can stretch like human skin without tearing, while magnetic properties allow the skin to self-align.

The artificial skin is soft, stretchable, waterproof and self-healing. If punctured, cut or cut, each layer can selectively heal with itself, restoring overall function. When the temperature is raised to 70 degrees Celsius, it can repair itself within 24 hours; at room temperature, it takes about a week.

The researchers say their next steps are to make thinner layers of skin with different functions, such as layers that can sense changes in temperature or tension.

Global Sprout has noticed that with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, humanoid robots are getting more and more attention.

For example, a Texas company is developing a “universal robot” that can help families with daily affairs, and a company supported by OpenAI Startups are working to commercialize anthropomorphic robots for the workplace.

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