Samsung Sliding Screen Mobile Phone Patent Renders, True Full Screen Without Notch

As the folding screen mobile phone market began to shine, more possible future products gradually emerged. For example, as early as 2020, OPPO launched its first concept phone with a scroll screen, which looks very cool and even more interesting than a foldable smartphone.

It has also been reported that Samsung, LG and other manufacturers are also developing smartphones with scrolling screens, but the real machine has never been released. Samsung has a recent patent showing this possible model.

We don’t know what a scrolling or swiping screen means for Samsung, but it looks like this model has a very advanced design language, more like a Flip phone with a slider/slider style. To a certain extent, there are also some sliding concept designs of the Xiaomi Mix 3 series.

Global Sprout has learned that this is the latest patent published by Samsung Electronics on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, and it clearly shows a slider/slider device in the concept stage.

From the picture, the device uses a sliding display, including a unique display design and a sliding mechanism to make the lower body of the device thicker, and this model has no visible front lens, combined with this The rather advanced design makes it a bold assumption that it will feature an under-screen camera.

Of course, the current Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 under-screen camera solution does not seem to be outstanding, but considering that Apple is also considering Samsung’s under-screen camera solution, it is expected that Samsung can gradually improve it in the next few generations until it reaches the flagship standard.

There are five small circles on the back of the fuselage, and foreign media speculate that four of them may be cameras, the last one is an LED flash, and the sliding screen/slide part of the upper part also has a double-sided screen design, so you can also use the rear The camera is used as a selfie lens, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have under-screen camera technology.

According to the patent description, this model uses a special slider, and the display on the back appears to be a transparent display. It includes “transparent is the display part and an opaque area”. Therefore, this panel may use some transparent display technology.

In addition to the above-mentioned smartphones, Samsung Electronics also announced another sliding screen phone at the World Intellectual Property Organization, but the second device is more like a Fold series of folding screen phones. It uses a horizontal slider, and when the screen is fully rolled out, it is basically equivalent to a two-in-one tablet, or even a three-in-one PC, tablet, and mobile phone.

Of course, applying for a patent does not mean that these smartphones will appear, after all, Samsung may just occupy a seat in advance to avoid some unnecessary troubles. At the same time, Samsung has previously stated that it will continue to focus on the field of folding screen mobile phones, at least in recent years, you will probably not see this new machine.

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