Samsung Finally Uses Water Drop Hinge On The Galaxy Z Fold5, But The Crease Is 15% Lesser Than The Predecessor

Today, Ice Universe broke the news on Twitter, saying that Samsung’s upcoming folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold5 confirmed the use of water drop hinges. Through this design, the crease of the Galaxy Z Fold5 is about 15% smaller than that of the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is a significant improvement.

I got the exact information about the crease of Galaxy Z Fold5, It does use a water drop hinge, but the crease is much larger than that of China brand mobile phone, so that the crease looks similar to Fold4.
Its crease is only 15% less than Fold4.

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) June 12, 2023

However, at the same time, the blogger also made it clear that even so, the crease of the Galaxy Z Fold5 is still larger than the current Chinese folding screen mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung has already started the reliability test of the water drop hinge for this model.

The test will last for about one month, with multiple rounds of 200,000 folding tests. If the hinge loss does not exceed 15% after the test, it will be officially put into mass production.

The reason for such a high-intensity reliability test is that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is Samsung’s first folding screen phone with a water drop hinge.

With the addition of the water drop hinge, the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be reduced to about 13mm, and it can further reduce the creases of the screen while solving the gaps that existed after the merger of the previous mobile phones.

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