[Rumor] Respawn Worked On Titanfall 3, But Preferred To Focus On Apex Legends

In April of this year, Vince Zampella, head of Respawn, stated that he “would love” the launch of a possible Titanfall 3. And despite leaving the doors open for the future sequel, he confirmed that he is not “working on anything right now”.

According to recent rumors, Respawn Entertainment would have secretly worked on Titanfall 3 for a period of approximately ten months. However, during development, the company would have chosen to direct its efforts towards creating the free battle royale Apex Legends.

The information was disclosed by Mohammad Alavi, former game designer of the series, in an interview with the Burnnetwork channel.

According to the dev, Titanfall 3 was really advanced, with multiple missions and additional technologies in playable testing stages.

However, the difficulty in establishing a functional multiplayer and the battle royale wave, which gained popularity after the debut of PUBG, forced the studio to change its strategy. Thus, the sequel to Titanfall 2 was canceled and the teams headed towards Apex Legends.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Titanfall 2, you know, came out, it did what it did and we were like, ‘Okay, let’s do Titanfall 3. And we worked on Titanfall 3 for… ten months, right? I mean, we had new technology for it, a bunch of missions going on, we had a playable prologue, which was like it was as good if not better than what we had before.

But let me make this clear: it wasn’t revolutionary. And that’s the kickoff, right? And we were feeling pretty decent about it, but not the same feeling as Titanfall 2, where we were doing something revolutionary. And then the multiplayer team was having fun trying to fix it because a lot of people love the mode.

People love Titanfall 2’s multiplayer, but they are a very small number. And most people play multiplayer and think it’s pretty good, but it’s just too much. It’s raised to 11, and they burn a little fast. And they say, ‘It was great multiplayer, it’s not something I’ve been playing continuously for, like, a year, two years.’

So we were trying to fix it, we were trying to fix it from Titanfall 1 to 2, trying to fix it from Titanfall 2 to 3… the multiplayer team was like, dying. And then PUBG came out. And I don’t know if you remember Alex Roycewicz, but he was starting to play PUBG. And then Geoff started to play it. And then they made a battle royale map with, you know, classes from Titanfall 3.

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