[Rumor] iPhone 15 May Introduce USB4 Technology: Transmission Speed Up To 40Gbps

As usual, Apple will release the iPhone 15 series in September, and it will still bring four models. With the mandatory requirements of the European Union, the new iPhones will all use the USB-C interface.

According to reports, Apple will also introduce a USB 4 retimer chip to achieve faster transmission speed and more stable performance.

It is reported that Apple has invited Parade Technology to jointly develop USB 4, whose data transmission speed is as high as 40Gbps, which is almost twice the speed of USB 3.0.

This will allow users to transfer very large files, such as 4K movies, in a very short time, and can be connected to multiple displays.

Mobile phone manufacturers don’t pay much attention to the transmission speed of mobile phones, and sometimes it is only about the speed of the original USB 2.0. If Apple can make a head start, it will definitely be a good thing for the entire mobile phone industry.

In addition, it was reported that Apple has developed a Lightning & Type-C interface IC, which will be used in the iPhone 15 models and MFi certified products to be released this year.

However, it is reported that the European Union has warned Apple not to restrict the functions of USB-C cables. Apple may abandon the practice of using MFi certification on the USB-C interface, and the iPhone 15 series will also use general-purpose USB-C cables.

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