Relevant Sources Said That Tesla China Is Still Recruiting A Lot Of People, And They Have Not Heard About Layoffs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an email to executives last week that Tesla needs to lay off 10% of its workforce and plans to suspend global hiring due to poor economic conditions plan.

As soon as the news came out, Tesla’s stock price fell more than 9%. Musk then responded on social platforms, saying, “The total number of Tesla employees will grow, and the number of employees receiving fixed pay will remain stable.”

According to Jiemian News, in response to the news of the global suspension of recruitment, a relevant person close to Tesla China revealed that there has been no news of layoffs, and a large-scale recruitment has been carried out not long ago. “Tesla China has very strict recruitment, and there is still a shortage of talents.”

Globalsprout has learned that since this year, Tesla’s employee team has been in a state of accelerated expansion. In 2021 alone, Tesla has recruited 28,533 employees worldwide, a significant increase of 40.3%. The new jobs are mainly concentrated in Europe and China.

Just last month, Tesla Shanghai R&D and Innovation Center released more than 100 job postings, covering five fields, including vehicle software, hardware design engineering, power and energy engineering, vehicle engineering, and regulatory certification. Among them, the number of vehicle software and hardware design engineering positions accounted for half.

Tesla’s annual financial statements filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed that as of the end of 2021, its global workforce was 99,290, of which 39% were production workers.

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