Nintendo Removed The Last Of Us Remake, Sony Filled A Copyright Statement To Delete The Trailer

As Sony’s flagship exclusive game, “The Last of Us” is very popular among players. It was discovered earlier that there are similar games on the Nintendo eShop. Are Sony and Nintendo teaming up to share The Last of Us? No, the game is called The Last Hope, and it’s a parody of The Last of Us.

At present, “The Last Hope” has been removed from the Nintendo eShop; Sony has also filed a copyright claim, asking YouTube to remove the trailer of “The Last Hope”.

Meanwhile, the game-related page of Nintendo eShop UK has also changed to 404, replaced with a picture of Peppy Hare from Star Fox. However, YouTube followed suit, removing the “official” trailer for The Last Hope.

Digital Foundry reviewed The Last Hope last month (July) and called the game “an absolute disaster.” Digital Foundry even stated that this is the worst game their team has ever reviewed. Someone on the Digital Foundry team said: “The process of reviewing “The Last Hope” was like taking a laxative to cleanse my spirit, and it was an eye-opener; the entire game design is only for you to pay – “The Last Hope” doesn’t even It can be called a game, it is a scam.” The Digital Foundry team also added: “Although we have seen the trailer and have been mentally prepared that “The Last Hope” will be a disaster, we have not thought about the actual game experience. It really shocks me that it can be more trash than the trailer.”

The Digital Foundry team finally stated: “Next time when you encounter some games like “Redfall”, maybe you will think: ‘Oh my God, what kind of bad game is this’, I hope you can think about it, the world used to be There was a game called The Last Hope.”

“Redfall” is a vampire-themed first-person shooter game. Due to the poor game experience, it received negative reviews from most players on Steam.

According to Steam250 data, the player’s rating of “Redfall” is only 2.87 out of 10 points, ranking 15th in the “100 Worst Steam Games of All Time”.


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