New Tesla Model 3 Details Leaked, Adding Ventilated Seats, Ambient Lightening, And Upgraded Sound System

Tesla’s new version of Model 3, also known as “Project Highland”, is in full swing. Although it has not yet been officially announced, various details have been leaked in China. Recently, updates on seats and audio have been reported.

According to @JayinShanghai shared on Twitter, the changes in the new Model 3 cabin will include new ventilated seats, lighting equivalents, and sound system improvements. Among them, ventilated seats are quite common in luxury cars.

The cool or warm air is taken out through the fine holes on the seats, and the appearance of the seats seems to have not changed much except for the fine holes.

Tesla applied for a patent for ventilated seats last year, and it looks like this is one of the results.

Model 3 Highland Ventilated Seats!@xiaoteshushu $TSLA

— Jay in Shanghai 电动 Jay (@JayinShanghai) June 12, 2023

In addition, although there is no video demonstration of the cabin lighting and sound system, it is believed that it can also improve the driving and riding experience, making Model 3 feel more luxurious.

When Tesla launches the legendary more affordable car in the future, Model 3 can Keep equipment separate from it. And if these upgrades really appear in the new Model 3, then there is a good chance that the updates of Model Y and other models will also be added.

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