Musk Expects Neuralink’s First Human Trial This Year To Implant The Device In Quadriplegic Patients

Tesla CEO and Twitter CEO Musk said at the Viva Tech Summit held in Paris, France recently that Neuralink, a biotechnology company that studies the combination of human brain and computer, is expected to start the first human trial this year, and will test a quadriplegic or amputated person. A device is implanted in a patient.

Although Musk did not disclose how many patients Neuralink will be implanted in and when it will be implanted, he said that the first case will appear in the second half of this year.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged in a statement earlier that it had approved Neuralink for the trial, but declined to provide further details.

Experts say that if Neuralink can prove that their device is safe in the human body, it will still be several years, possibly more than a decade, before they can be licensed for commercial use.


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