Leaked Internal Documents Shows That Tesla Is Having Problem With The Cybertruck Design

Since Cybertruck was announced, although it has been quite anticipated, it has only heard the sound of stairs, and the actual launch date has been delayed again and again.

Recently, an internal document leaked out, showing that there have been problems with its design, which has hindered the development progress.

According to internal documents leaked by Wired, Tesla is still dealing with design issues with the Alpha version of the test model in January 2022, including problems with brakes, body seals and suspension systems.

For example, the brake pedal travel is too long, and the braking force is inconsistent, and the body is difficult to seal well, resulting in road noise and external sound entering the cabin, and finally even the performance is far from the target.

While the Cybertruck launched back in 2019, if that’s still the case in early 2022, it’s no wonder the launch date has been pushed back all the time.

When it was first announced, there was even an embarrassing situation where Elon Musk tried to demonstrate the durability of the glass, but the glass shattered. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing that the development of Cybertruck was more difficult than expected.

At present, Tesla is expected to start delivering cars in the third quarter of this year, and to start mass production next year, but whether it will be delayed again remains to be seen.

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