Layers Of Fear: New Trailer Unveiled At Future Games Show

At the Future Games Show this Saturday (10), Bloober Team brought a new cinematic trailer for Layers of Fear. The video focuses on the story of the game, which arrives on PS5, Xbox Series and PC next Thursday (15).

In the content, a writer enters a place and is faced with scenes of terror: birds hitting the window, paintings burning, among other things. Also noteworthy is the sea coast lighthouse.

Layers of Fear will bring all the content of the previous titles (DLCs and base games) and will implement new mechanics, additional features and story chapters.

In addition, the plot of the Painter, the Actor and the Writer will be told in an unprecedented way and will take advantage of recent technologies to improve the feeling of discomfort.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game is billed as the “ultimate horror experience”. According to Bloober, the reimagining of the franchise will support Ray Tracing, HDR and 4K resolution, using the Lumen system in its dynamic effects.

Learn more about Layers of Fear

Read below the description of Layers of Fear, taken from its official page on the PS Store:

The canvas waits for the final brushstrokes. The stage cries out for its headliner. The novel needs its last chapter. It’s time to face your fears. One. Last. Turn.

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