JP Morgan Chase Reveals Plan To Build 400-meter-tall Skyscraper Running Entirely On Electricity As Its Global Headquarter

Recently, US banking giant – JPMorgan Chase revealed plans to build its new global headquarters: a 60-story skyscraper running entirely on renewable energy.

Digital image of JPMorgan Chase’s futuristic skyscraper on Park Avenue

Located at 270 Park Avenue, the former site of the Union Carbide Building, the project is part of a larger plan to reshape New York’s Midtown East area. In 2017, the city government set a goal of upgrading metro stations, creating more pedestrian space, investing in iconic landmarks and setting up a series of world offices. new system.

According to architects from Foster + Partners – the company in charge of the design of the project, this will be the largest “all-electric” building in New York with a height of more than 400m, expected to be completed in 2025.

A series of digital renderings released last week show the towering, terraced tower standing out in the middle of Midtown Manhattan – the central part of Manhattan, New York City. In a press release, JPMorgan Chase and Foster + Partners said the skyscraper would achieve “zero net operating emissions” by using part of its energy from the national hydroelectric plant.

Other energy-efficient design features include triple glazed windows along with a water reuse and storage system that can reduce consumption by 40%. The tower will also leverage “smart building technology” using sensors to monitor and reduce energy consumption.

The design is expected to double the outdoor space above ground compared to the old Union Carbide building

Construction of the tower has already begun, the architects said, with 97% of building materials to be “recycled, reused or salvaged”. The new design also promises to double the outdoor landscape space compared to the old Union Carbide building with public squares and open sidewalks.

Evaluating this project, Norman Foster – founder of Foster + Partners said:

“The design needed to stand out but still fit the streetscape of Park Avenue, while also accommodating the city’s traffic infrastructure. This is indeed a big challenge for us. The ultimate solution is an elegant design, where architecture is structure and structure is architecture. We also want to provide residents with a variety of ‘healthcare’ amenities such as an air filtration system, a fitness center, indoor plants and ‘unmatched’ technologies.”

The plans to build the tower were announced just months after former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio passed legislation restricting the use of fossil fuels in the construction of all new residential and commercial buildings from 2015. next. Accordingly, by 2027, all new buildings in the city must run entirely on electric energy.

Located at 270 Park Avenue, the project is part of a larger plan to transform New York’s Midtown East area.

An estimated 70 percent of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, according to city officials.

JPMorgan Chase is working hard to finish building a new tower with a capacity of up to 14,000 employees, on 230,000 square meters of floor space – four times the capacity of the old Union Carbide Building.

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