It Takes Apple 5 Days To Repair iPhone 14, While It Takes Samsung 29 Days To Repair Galaxy S23

It’s really a nightmare to have a smartphone suddenly broken one morning. Especially if it’s the only smartphone you own, serving for work or study. You will have to send it to a service center for repair. The repair is extremely expensive as well as your time.

YouTuber Mrwhostheboss decided to discover it when he took his iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra, intentionally damaged the screens of both, and decided to contact Apple and Samsung service centers for See how much the repair costs and what the results are.

So, which one is better amongst Apple and Samsung service centers? Well, the short answer is that Apple was better when it took 5 days to receive and return the device while Samsung took 29 days and even then they actually sent the Galaxy S23 Ultra back to Mrwhostheboss.

Another thing to note here is that Apple pre-charged a huge amount, up to £474 and this is the estimated cost. This means that if the technicians believe the repair will cost more, you will have to pay more. Samsung, on the other hand, charges £223.99, less than half the price of Apple, but here’s the fun part.

Samsung, on the first fix, sent the device back without repair, and the YouTuber had to go ahead and resend the entire device.

In the second fix, it only took Samsung 6 days to receive, repair and return the device, but if you look at the actual time, it’s 29 days in total.

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