iPhone 15 Series Rumored To Add Two New Color Variants

The iPhone 15, which fruit fans are looking forward to, is expected to be released in September this year, and the most eye-catching point is the new color scheme.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 15 series will launch two gorgeous colors of cream gold and rose gold, and it is speculated that it will be applied to the design of the iPhone 15 Pro to provide more personalized choices for fruit fans.

In addition, the event is expected to showcase the ultra-dreamy cherry blossom pale pink version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The texture of this pastel color is very charming, reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Moreover, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also be equipped with a maximum 6x optical zoom lens, allowing users to capture longer-distance photos.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 15 series mobile phones are expected to completely change the “screen bangs” design, and adopt a new smart island design to bring users a smoother screen display. This change will slightly increase the thickness of the overall mobile phone, bringing more convenience to users.

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also introduce an unprecedented 1TB of storage capacity. This huge storage space will meet the needs of users for a large number of photos, videos and files. However, with the larger storage capacity, the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also reach an all-time high of $1,800.

Fruit fans are full of expectations for the new color scheme of the iPhone 15 series. Whether it is cream gold, rose gold or cherry blossom pink, these unique color schemes will bring users a more personalized mobile phone experience.


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