iPhone 15 Rumored To Use “Stacked Batteries”, And The Battery Technology Density Of Electric Vehicle Is Higher

According to rumors, Apple’s iPhone 15 series phones may use stacked battery technology to improve energy density and extend service life. This news comes from the Twitter account @RgcloudS, which is famous for breaking news about Android phones recently.

Although Samsung has plans to use stacked batteries on new machines, it may only be the Galaxy S24 Ultra (or Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+).

On the contrary, Apple began to notice the high battery life advantages of this stacked battery, so there is a good chance that the entire iPhone 15 series will use stacked batteries.


Samsung SDI is expected to unveil 5C battery around late 2023-2024

Galaxy had 2 battery suppliers
ATL were ready with their 5C
only SDI is left to upgrade
too much focus on EV

Until then, don't expect faster charging beyond 45w

— RGcloudS (@RGcloudS) November 29, 2022

Stacked battery technology is to replace the traditional roll-type (Jelly-Roll) battery by stacking battery materials layer by layer. Stacking technology wastes less space than roll-type batteries, which can increase battery density and extend battery life.

Stacked batteries have been used primarily in electric vehicle battery technology in the past, as such devices need to draw a lot of power and charge quickly, which can only be achieved with higher density battery materials.

If the source of @RgcloudS is true, this will give the entire iPhone 15 series more power benefits, including faster charging speeds, higher battery capacity, and more significant battery life improvements.

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