iPhone 15 Pro Rumored To Have An Unprecedented Dark Blue Color

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will be available in a new dark blue color with gray highlights, according to Unknownz21.

The leaker is known for a series of information provided on the new iPhones but also on the Apple Vision Pro, which later turned out to be correct.

The new smartphone will have a titanium body with a brushed finish that will make it very different from the stainless steel used by Apple so far. The blue color will be similar to that used for the iPhone 12 Pro, but will appear darker and with more gray to better match the titanium finish.

In the previous months, several rumors have circulated about a possible deep red (tending to brown) color for the iPhone 15 Pro, but Unknownz21 has not found any signs that indicate the development of this color. However, it should be noted that the dark blue color has been used on some prototypes of the iPhone 15 Pro and, as we well know, this does not give us any certainty that we will also find it in the final version of the product.

There’s always the possibility that Apple is using blue to test the PVD coating on the new titanium material and may switch to a different color for the launch version. However, even the choice of blue could be a test to understand if it could actually be rendered as one of the color options provided for the next generation smartphone.

As for the iPhone 15, the colors confirmed so far include a bright shade of pink, a vibrant blue and a green.

Design-wise, the iPhone 15 Pros will look similar to the iPhone 14 Pros, but with some minor changes. There are expected to be thinner bezels around the display and the mute switch to be replaced by a multi-function button for mute. There will be a USB-C port in place of a Lightning port, and the volume and power keys could be moved slightly.

The camera lens arrangement will be getting an update on the iPhone 15 Pro Max to accommodate the periscope lens that will be unique to this model. The new, less glossy titanium finish will allow the iPhone 15 Pro to further stand out from the iPhone 14 Pro.


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