iPhone 15 Pro Max Phone Case Leaked, Camera Cutout Area Becomes Larger

There are still a few months until the release of the iPhone 15, and more and more relevant revelations are circulating online.

Recently, the iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile phone case has been leaked online, and the overall design is similar to that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The most notable part is that the viewing lens area seems to be getting bigger.

Although the size, weight and other information of the iPhone 15 series are not yet clear, comprehensive observations of various reports should not change much.

Earlier, a report claimed that the battery life of the iPhone 15 series will be improved, and the battery capacity will be upgraded, and the increase is not small.

Among them, the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 is 3877 mAh, that of the iPhone 15 Plus is 4912 mAh, that of the iPhone 15 Pro is 3650 mAh, and that of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is 4852 mAh.

If the iPhone 15 series wants to pursue battery life, it may sacrifice part of the feel. However, since the iPhone has a Pro Max model, many people have disliked its weight and feel, but the Pro Max model does have better battery life.

In addition, observe that many high-end flagship mobile phones have seen price increases around the world. It is reported that the iPhone 15 Pro may not increase in price, but the price of Pro Max may increase.


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