Hyundai IONIQ 6 Pure Electric Car Launched In Hongkong With Dot Matrix Wind Design

Yesterday, Hyundai unveiled the all-new pure electric vehicle at its Kowloon Bay showroom in Hongkong, officially launching it. With simple and smooth body lines, meticulous cabin layout, innovative reforms from the inside out, gathering the essence of aerodynamics and the new EV Performance Tune-up Hyundai IONIQ 6, which has won three world car awards in 2023 World Car Of The Year, World Electric Vehicle and World Car Design Of The Year, inherits the Hyundai IONIQ car series’ life-oriented car-making concept, leading the clean and smart driving experience in the future, together with global car fans.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 continues the iconic dot-matrix pixel design of the car series, which is applied to the exterior design of the whole car. The dot-matrix head and tail combination lights and the new dot-matrix upper brake light show a very technological and avant-garde style. The whole car uses more than 700 Pixels throughout the overall design, and also represents the design language of the Hyundai IONIQ series.

Hyundai outlines the beautiful streamlined outline of IONIQ 6 with the concept of “Electrified Streamliner”. The coherent aerodynamic design achieves perfect guidance of dynamic airflow from the pump handle to the rear wing of the sports car.

In addition, IONIQ 6 also refers to the design of British fighters during World War II. A small wingtip is added to the side of the rear spoiler to reduce the turbulence and drag of the body, so that the wind resistance performance of IONIQ 6 is as low as 0.21Cd (general coupe The drag coefficient is about 0.22-0.25Cd), which effectively improves the performance of IONIQ 6 while reducing power consumption.

Hyunda’s self-developed electric vehicle construction platform E-GMP electric vehicle exclusive chassis is equipped with advanced and efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor and high-voltage battery combination, so that the 2,950mm long wheelbase not only has ample space for front and rear seats, but also provides dynamic and stable power Running driving performance, providing a maximum horsepower output of 326 horsepower and a maximum torque of 61.7 kgm, and the acceleration from 0-100km/h only takes 5.1 seconds.

In terms of the compartment design, the new IONIQ 6 is specially equipped with button-free door sides and a bridge-type center console, which is humanized and brings more storage space to the compartment to meet different storage needs in life.

The cockpit is also integrated with technology, equipped with an integrated 12.3-inch touch-sensitive integrated display and the original Bose 8-channel high-end audio system, etc., which are full of infinite possibilities for practicality or entertainment.

Different from the previous four-door coupe design, the front seat of IONIQ 6 is equipped with Relaxation Comfort seats with 8-way adjustment and heating and cooling functions as standard, allowing you to enjoy pure electric driving experience flexibly and conveniently.

Charging performance is also the selling point of the new IONIQ 6. The battery capacity is 77.5kWh, and the longest cruising distance is as high as 583 kilometers. It supports the maximum 800V super fast charging system and is compatible with 350kW DC high-speed charging. It only takes 18 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%.

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