GTA 6 Publisher Hints Launch Next Year, Expects $8 Billion In Net Booking For The Year

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of the GTA series of games, recently released the company’s annual earnings report, suggesting that the new GTA 6 is likely to launch as early as next year.

In a report from Take-Two Interactive, the company is targeting a staggering $8 billion in net bookings for fiscal 2025, which begins in April; Annual net bookings were only around $3 billion.

JUST IN: Take-Two has teased the release date of GTA 6 to be as soon as next year, stating “In Fiscal 2025 (April 2024 – March 2025), we expect to launch several groundbreaking titles that will set new standards in our industry and generate over $8 billion in revenue.”

— GTA 6 Trailer Countdown ⏳ (@GTAVI_Countdown) May 17, 2023

Take-Two Interactive noted that the company expects to launch several groundbreaking titles in fiscal 2025 and set new standards for the industry, enabling the company to achieve over $8 billion in net bookings and over $1 billion in adjusted unrestricted cash from operations flow.

Take-Two Interactive has stated that it has been preparing the business for the past few years to release a strong project and believes that the project will bring greater success to the company and that FY2025 is a highly anticipated year for the company .

Based on the above numbers and statements and the strong profitability of the GTA series, Take-Two Interactive will have a good chance of launching next year.

A few days ago, some game media also stated that GTA 6 will become the game with the highest production cost in the history of the game, and the production cost is currently between 1 billion and 2 billion US dollars.

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