Genesis – A Luxury Car Launched By Hyundai Introduces “Face Connect”, Allowing The Owner To Unlock His Car Using Face Recognition Technology

The automotive industry is always innovating and updating with leading technological achievements. Recently, Genesis – a luxury car launched by Hyundai since 2017 that has integrated facial and fingerprint recognition in its GV60 and SUV Coupe – has pushed the industry’s modernization to a new level.

GV60 is the first all-electric car from the Genesis brand. With the application of these modern new features, cars from Korea will have high security as well as create personalization – the car experience will be better.

“Face Connect” – the face recognition of the GV60 works by identifying the owner’s facial features, such as facial curves, exact positions of eyes, nose, lips – thereby allowing the user to open and close the vehicle without a key. This system can even work even when the driver wears glasses or a hat.

The function is said to be perfect for families with multiple drivers in one vehicle because multiple facial recognition can be registered.

At this point, the display, steering wheel, rearview mirror and infotainment settings on the smart GV60 can all be customized to the preferences of the driver.

In addition, a fingerprint authentication system located near the gear lever allows the driver to start and operate the vehicle without the need for a key. The technology also includes a separate security code facility for each user to protect personal data.

This combination of fingerprint recognition technology also confirms that only the vehicle owner or “authorized” person has the right to access and operate the vehicle – enhancing the car’s safety and security features.

The GV60 and SUV Coupe vehicles – incorporating cutting-edge technology have set a new benchmark in the automotive industry for security operations.

Genesis is one of the brands that is at the forefront of innovation and it is expected that more and more automakers will implement this feature in the future.

At the same time, it is expected that in the future, the world will witness more “miracles” in the electric car village. It is known that the GV60 costs about 72,000 USD more expensive than Tesla’s Model Y.

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