Galaxy Z Flip5 Case Revealed, Showing A Larger External Screen

Samsung is preparing to launch a new series of folding screen smartphones. If the rumors are correct, we can expect the Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 to launch alongside the Watch6 and Tab S9 sometime in July.

One of the standout features of the upcoming Z Flip5 is undoubtedly the display. larger outside. Many rumors and leaked photos have shown this. Now, we also have a few photos of the case for the Z Flip5, which reaffirms the large size and odd shape of the display.

As far as we know at the moment, the external screen will be 3.4 inches diagonally and have a resolution of 720 x 748 pixels. This size offers plenty of space for shortcuts and widgets, along with a large clock, making the new display more functional than the 1.9-inch screen on the Z Flip4.

We still don’t know much about the rest of the hardware on the Z Flip5. In general, a new hinge design will ensure a much tighter closure with minimal or even non-existent clearance.

It is expected that Z Flip5 will run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy. Like its predecessor, the Z Flip5 will have two 12MP cameras, but likely those using the new sensor.

However, charging speed will probably remain at the familiar 25W.

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