Galaxy Z Flip 5 Suspected Official Image Leaked, New Cover Screen Widget And Keyboard

There are still 8 days left before the Samsung Unpacked conference. Recently, some suspected official renderings of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have been circulated on the Internet, showing the functions of the new cover screen, including the keyboard to widgets.

Roland Quandt shared what appeared to be official images of the Flip 5 on his Twitter this weekend, but Quandt has since deleted the leaked images.

In the image, the Flip 5 is closed and half-open, and when viewed from the side of the device, it can be seen that there is no gap when it is closed and it looks thinner.

It is worth noting that the cover of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 includes renderings of widgets. The screen is a collection of six widgets that seem to be optimized for cover display, including showing a wallet app with a flight boarding pass, full screen Calendar widget, weather app, call history, time and battery widgets with custom images, and the ability to reply to messages with a full keyboard.

It’s still unclear how the app will be optimized for the large cover display, and this particular leak appears to only show the cover display widget.

But it is certain that Samsung and Google are working together to optimize applications such as Google Maps, Google Messages and YouTube, and there are rumors that some Google applications will appear on the external display.

Samsung’s Unpacked event will officially release the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 on July 26, and the Galaxy Tab S9, Watch 6 and other products are expected to be released at the Unpacked event.

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