Galaxy Z Flip 5 And Z Fold 5 Will Do What No Other Folding Screen Smartphone Can Do

Samsung’s next-generation foldable smartphone is coming soon and the rumors keep popping up. The latest information comes from a leaker, suggesting that the new devices will have the best water and dust resistance on the folding screen market.

It looks like Samsung was able to get an IP58 rating for the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5, which isn’t the IP68 rating most traditional flagship phones offer, but it’s much better than any other screen smartphone. any other fold.

The “5” in the IP58 rating refers to dust resistance, while the “8” refers to water and humidity. This means the machine is dust-resistant, even if it’s a step below the regular premium segment due to the moving parts involved in the hinge. The hinge is a complex and sensitive element, so having an IP58 rating is welcome.

And to acknowledge Samsung’s merits, the Z Fold and Flip series have come a long way. The first Z Fold didn’t have any ingress protection, while the Z Fold2 had minor improvements to the hinge to prevent dust from accumulating, while the Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 4 were the first to come with folding. Official protection class, but only water resistant.

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