Focusing On The Anderson Saga, Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Is Released

Remedy promised and fulfilled: Alan Wake 2 was one of the games presented at Summer Game Fest 2023, with insane gameplay.

If the original game, from 2010, was more focused on action and adventure, the sequel is a survival horror capable of staining the pants of the most unsuspecting.

In the video, fans can watch one of Saga Anderson’s protagonists walking through a chilling forest setting. The FBI agent must deal with a cultist and then collect a lead on the case she is investigating. Also noteworthy for the audio, which sounds very good.

Sam Lake, writer for Remedy, also spoke a little about the game on stage at the event. According to him, players will be able to switch between Alan and Saga during the game – the first will live a more supernatural journey, while the second is in a more real scenario.

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 17th for PS5 , Xbox Series and PC.

Alan will have more stamina in Alan Wake 2:

In a recent interview, Thomas Puha, director of communications for Remedy, detailed Alan Wake’s new physical capabilities. According to him, the resistance of the writer is “much better” compared to the original title.

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