Diablo IV Becomes Blizzard’s Best-selling Game In Less Than 24 Hours

Diablo IV is officially out and it has been a huge hit. In addition to a fairly smooth early access phase, Blizzard claims the game has had the best opening sales in history, breaking sales records, and accumulating a total player-logged game time of nearly 100 million hours in four day.

According to Blizzard’s press release, Diablo IV has become the developer’s best-selling game of all time. They also claim the game has broken all pre-order records for both console and PC.

In just “four days of early access”, pre-order players have logged a total of more than 93 million hours in the game.

“This is the most important year for the Diablo IV team,” said Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson.”We’re incredibly proud to bring players the richest story ever told in a Diablo game.”

The developer recently promised to release new content quarterly, including new storylines and items. This week, Blizzard announced two expansions in development and coming soon.

Initial reviews have also helped boost sales, with at least a few gaming sites giving Diablo IV a perfect score.

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