Designers Share 2022 iPhone SE HD Concept Renderings

After the release of the iPhone 13 series of smartphones in September 2021, there have been many rumors recently that Apple will release an affordable new entry-level iPhone SE 3 around April 2022.

The last time Apple released the second-generation iPhone SE smartphone, it had to wait until 2020. The device is equipped with a small 4.7-inch Retina LCD screen, and the suggested retail price in the European market is as low as 490 euros.

Combining all the information currently known, Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital has once again teamed up with graphic designer Jermaine Smit (aka Concept Creator) to produce a series of high-definition renderings of the 2022 iPhone SE.

Considering that the first-generation iPhone SE (2016) and iPhone SE 2 (2020) are at least 4 years apart, this iPhone SE 3 (2022) is only 2 years apart, so it is not expected that the change in appearance will be too great.

It is more likely that the iPhone SE 3 may add a rear camera while increasing the screen-to-body ratio (reducing the thickness of the bezel). However, in order to accommodate components such as the front camera and the earpiece, there will still be a lot of space on the top edge.

At the same time, for iOS users who miss the physical Home button, the iPhone SE 3, equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, will also be an effective solution to the difficulty of unlocking Face ID masks during the pandemic.

In terms of appearance, the glass back and rounded rectangle of the iPhone SE 3 will also remain the same, but many people may find this design a bit outdated. However, on the processor, the machine is expected to usher in the A15 Bioni chip + 5G network support.

The iPhone 12 series, released in 2020, is Apple ‘s first model to support 5G mobile networks. With a lineup of four models, Apple has achieved quite impressive sales results, and it has continued to the iPhone 13 series released in 2021.

In terms of storage, the iPhone SE 3 may double from 64GB to 128GB, but well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculates that the storage is still 4GB RAM.

In terms of photography, the new phone may introduce more photography functions on the basis of the 12MP camera – such as night mode, deep fusion, smart HDR, and more photography styles.

In terms of battery, even if the new 5G chip optimizes energy efficiency, it is still impossible for Apple to equip the iPhone SE 3 with a much larger battery capacity (the iPhone SE 2 is only 1821 mAh / about 10 hours of battery life).

As for pricing, refer to the 490 euros for the iPhone SE 2 (64GB), the iPhone SE 3 may be available at the same price, but 5G support may also lead to a slight increase in pricing (just like the iPhone 12 series).

In terms of color matching, it is expected that Apple will provide the classic black/white two, in addition to the Product (RED) derivative version is not impossible.

As for the truth, please wait patiently for Apple’s new spring hardware launch in March/April, which is expected to be available at the end of April/early May.

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