Bill Gates: AI Will Have A Major Impact On Human Beings, Businesses And Governments Have The Responsibility To Train Employees

AI’s impact will not be as dramatic as the industrial revolution, Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates said in a Tuesday blog post titled “The risks of artificial intelligence are real but manageable.”

However, it will definitely bring a major impact like the advent of personal computers. When humans transition to AI-driven workplaces, some salaried people need support and retraining. This is the responsibility of governments and companies.

He cited the past automobiles, personal computers and the Internet as examples, saying that although they all caused a lot of turmoil, human beings ultimately benefited from this transformative moment. The first car accident occurred shortly after the first car hit the road, but human beings did not So it was decided to stop the car.

He believes that many problems caused by AI can be solved through AI. Humans should revise old laws and adopt new laws to maximize the benefits while controlling the risks of AI. However, the pace must be accelerated.

In the article, Gates encouraged everyone to pay as much attention to the development of AI as possible, because this is the most transformative innovation of our time, and a healthy public debate depends on everyone understanding this technology and its benefits and risks.

CNBC reported that Gates said in May that while generative AI affects white-collar workers, humanoid robots will also greatly affect blue-collar workers.

The British Financial Times reported that Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of DeepMind, also said in May that the advancement of AI will endanger the jobs of white-collar workers and create a large number of losers within 10 years.


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