Battlefield 2042’s First Season Will Be Delayed To Fix Game Issues

After the launch of “Battlefield 2042”, there were a lot of bad reviews, and the game system and details were lacking, and the first season originally planned to be launched was delayed until the summer. The development team hopes to fix the problems first and provide better services at the beginning of the season. play experience.

According to DICE and EA, they will do their best to improve the core gameplay experience of Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 2042), saying that the next update will provide a new score leaderboard to make it easier to understand, plus player profiles and voice.

The chat feature will also be “coming soon.” In addition, the squad mechanics, ping system, objective rewards, and portal mode will all be improved.

The development team also stated that it will improve the way of reflecting opinions, listen to the opinions of the player community more deeply, and conduct more communication.

As for the first season, although it is now rescheduled to start in the summer, there is still no word on the actual date.

They promised that players who purchased the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition before will receive rewards to thank them for continuing to wait, including melee weapons, character skins, experts and vehicle. However, it remains to be seen whether players will accept the change.

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