Apple Acquires Artificial Intelligence Music Company To Adjust Music To User Mood

According to the news, Apple has recently acquired a start-up company that uses artificial intelligence to make music. It can make music according to the user’s preferences, and even make music that can adapt to the user’s heartbeat.

London-based AI Music, which was founded in 2016 with only about 24 employees, is understood to have completed the acquisition a few weeks ago. AI Music’s official website and social media were taken down after the acquisition.

According to the official introduction, AI Music aims to help brands create “royalty-free adaptive music” to provide consumers with the music they want for media, advertising, games and social media, and to create royalty-free soundtracks based on user interactions, such as adjusting the tone according to the user’s mood in the game and the intensity of the exercise.

In addition, AI Music’s Infinite Music Engine technology produces specific audio solutions for institutions and groups of people, so that music can adapt to the user’s heartbeat and match the environment.

Apple has not responded to the acquisition, so the outside world has no way of knowing the details of the acquisition, such as the amount of the acquisition and the use of technology.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple will use AI Music’s technology to support existing audio products such as Apple Music and HomePod mini.

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